When you’ve been nose to nose with your novel for so long, it’s hard to take a step back and really see what’s there. Let me dive into your writing with fresh eyes.

Rest assured that I never want to change your voice as a writer. Editing serves to make your unique voice clearer, free from any distracting errors or awkward phrasing.

Readers have very high expectations of professionalism so awkward layout, typos and clunky sentences will not go unnoticed. In fact, your readers may run a mile, telling all of their friends as they flee!

In traditional publishing, a novel will usually go through at least three rounds of editing with different editors/proofreaders. This is because the more eyes that see your work, the more likely it is that errors will be caught (no single editor can perfect a manuscript ­– we are human, after all!). For this reason, I recommend that if you hire me for line editing or copy-editing, you go on to also have your novel proofread; and if you hire me for proofreading, I ask that your manuscript has also previously been edited.

A Personalised Service

For all of my services, I am happy to provide a 1,000-word sample edit for free. This both enables me to give you a personalised quote, and makes sure that your expectations are being met. Your book is very personal to you, so you need to be sure that I am the right editor for you and your words.

Every novel is different so my current rates are ranged, depending on the level of intervention needed. Please take a look at the different services I offer, and contact me for a no obligation chat about your project.

Line Editing

The purpose of this edit is not to look for errors, but to focus on your use of language, writing style and creative choices.

If I line edit your manuscript, these are some of the things I will be looking at:

  • Making sure your writing flows well, is clear and concise.
  • Checking for story/character consistency.
  • Making sure there are no confusing actions or unclear meanings.
  • Looking at ways to improve the pace of a section.
  • Eliminating unnecessary repetition.
  • Helping you to avoid ‘info dumps’ and helping you to weave this information into the story more seamlessly.
  • Making sure tone and phrasing is both consistent and appropriate.
  • Eliminating any obvious errors in spelling and grammar.

I edit using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. My line editing rate is £9-12 per 1,000 words.

Your edit of ‘Epiphany’ was wonderful! Your comments and suggestions were all used—they made perfect sense—and overall helped to make the story easily understood. Thank you for polishing my story and giving it the professional look every indie author needs.

(Anad Trebolt – Line edit of short story)

Copy Editing

A copy edit does not aim to improve your writing style or make any creative choices, but makes sure it is technically correct.

If you choose to have your manuscript copy edited, I will address the following areas:

  • Correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Consistency in story/character choices.
  • Adherence to a chosen style guide.
  • Reworking phrasing that is confusing or ambiguous.
  • Making sure your writing is factually correct (within reason, as I am not a researcher), flagging up any potential legal issues that could arise from its content.

I edit using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. My copy editing rate is £8-11 per 1,000 words.

Julie was extremely thorough, catching errors I would never have noticed myself.  She completed the edit within a very reasonable span of time, and made sure to not only correct my errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, but also took the time to explain to me her reasoning behind some of the corrections so I knew exactly why she changed what she did.

(Cassandra Larsen – Author of Gray’s Dilemma)


The final polish of your manuscript before being released into the hands of your readers! Having your novel proofread is so important, particularly for self-publishing authors who don’t have access to the myriad of editorial services that publishers do. Whilst I will always provide an element of proofreading when I edit, it’s not the main focus by any means. At the proofreading stage all stylistic editing should have been completed, and your words should be technically correct. This final check really gets into the nitty-gritty of each individual letter and punctuation mark, from the first chapter heading, to the final full stop.

Here are just some of the things I will be looking for when I proofread for you:

  • Any spelling or grammatical errors that have slipped through the net during the editing stages.
  • Any incorrect word choices that your spellchecker won’t catch (nobody wants to accidentally write butt when they mean but, right?).
  • Incorrect use of punctuation marks.
  • Missing or duplicated words.
  • Consistency of layout and style – adhering to a chosen style guide.
  • If working with typeset proofs, I will look for inelegant or confusing word breaks, including widows and orphans.
  • Checking all headings, chapters, contents pages, indexes are correct in style and content.

I usually proofread the same way that I edit, using Track Changes in Word. However, if required I can also use the standard BSI proofreading marks, stamped onto a PDF version of your manuscript.

My proofreading rate is £7-£10 per 1,000 words.

She is very accurate and she knew what I wanted to say in my work so it was really easy to understand her comments and suggestions.

(Yoojin Shin – CV and cover letter proofreading and Anglicisation)

What you will get from me

Every author I work with receives the following:

  • A style sheet outlining all the important editorial choices used in your manuscript. This includes notes on characters and locations, word choices, notes on formatting and layout, plus a timeline of events/scenes.
  • A fully marked up version of your manuscript using Track Changes, with all of my changes and comments visible. This allows you to work through each edit and accept or reject the change as you see fit.
  • A version with all changes accepted and just my comments visible. This allows you to focus on any explanations, questions or clarifications, rather than the small details.
  • A ‘clean’ version of your work, with all changes accepted and all comments removed. You’re ready to go!

Remember, my edits are only ever suggestions and you are free to accept or reject them! After all, this is your book, you’re the boss!

If you’d like to work with me on your novel, please contact me to discuss your free sample edit and find out more about how I can help you.